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BibWord v.2.9 (01/04/2013)
  • added support for Word 2013
BibWord v.2.8 (28/11/2009)
  • added the 's' option to split URLs over multiple lines (splitting is done after a '/')
  • added more separators for page ranges (dash, en dash, colon)
BibWord v.2.7 (25/10/2009)
  • added the 'n' option to always display Month and MonthAccessed with 2 digits
  • added the 'i' option to invert Month and MonthAccessed (13 - Month) (useful for sorting purposes)
  • added the 'i' option to invert Day and DayAccessed (32 - Month) (useful for sorting purposes)
  • added the 's' option to SourceType
  • fixed a bug in the options of Year and YearAccessed formatting where the options were ignored in combination with the 'r' flag
BibWord v.2.6 (27/09/2009)
  • added the 'i' option to invert Year and YearAccessed (9999 - Year) (useful for sorting purposes)
  • added the 'a' option to abbreviate Corporate contributors
  • grouped and cleaned up all sorting functionality
BibWord v.2.5 (10/05/2009)
  • added the 'm' option to title formatting to allow for the selection of the master title
  • added the 's' option to title formatting to allow for the selection of the sub title
  • added the 'f' option to title formatting to capitalize the first word
  • extended the 'a' option so now other articles then 'a', 'an', and 'the' can be moved to the end (i18n)
  • fixed bug in name abbreviation where abbreviated parts without spaces did get further abbreviated (A.B. became A.)
  • fixed a display bug where an URL between < and > was not shown
BibWord v.2.4 (26/04/2009)
  • added default 'MsoBibliography' style to footnote citations (Word 2008 only)
  • added a 'c' option to contributors so they can be counted (e.g. %Author:c%)
  • fixed a year suffix issue where sources where not sorted but still required year suffices
BibWord v.2.3 (26/02/2009)
  • added functionality to make in-text citations links which point to their accompanying bibliography entry through the citationaslink element in the general section
  • added a version variable at the end of the stylesheet (for easier BibWord updates)
  • removed an obsolete debugging routine
BibWord v.2.2 (17/02/2009)
  • added support for b:FootnoteCitation (Word 2008)
  • added support for b:Description (Word 2008)
  • added support for b:updateURL (Word 2008)
BibWord v.2.1 (11/02/2009)
  • changed both the file encoding and output encoding to utf-8 (Word 2008 support)
  • changed html output encoding to utf-8 (Word 2008 support)
BibWord v.2.0 (04/02/2009)
  • renamed all key variables to skey to prevent double definition of key when the stylesheet is used in combination with Internet Explorer
  • fixed a recursion bug in the get-person-parameter routine
BibWord v.1.9 (08/12/2008)
  • added the possibility to format placeholders using the 'Placeholder' type for sources
  • fixed two bugs in the abbreviate-name routine (reported by ilbajec)
BibWord v.1.8 (29/11/2008)
  • simplified ordinal formatting
  • introduced roman numerals for CitationVolume, Edition, Month, MonthAccessed, and Volume
  • added the possibility to specify a minimum length for abbreviated pages (e.g. 'a2': 135-137 becomes 135-37 rather than 135-7)
  • fixed a bug in the recursion where sometimes a field was marked as used while it was not
BibWord v.1.7 (23/11/2008)
  • fixed a bug influencing all BibWord extensions
BibWord v.1.6 (22/11/2008)
  • added the option to display only the first page of a range of pages
  • added the option to display the ordinal suffix in superscript
  • fixed a bug in the formatting of ordinals where sometimes the wrong suffix was shown
  • fixed a bug in the abbreviation of pages where sometimes nothing was shown
BibWord v.1.5 (11/11/2008)
  • fixed a namelist formatting bug where the wrong separator was displayed before the last contributor and the overflow
  • fixed a bug in the formatting of ordinals
  • added 4 new variables for in-text citations: CitationPages, CitationPrefix, CitationSuffix, CitationVolume
  • added support for abbreviating and extending page ranges (e.g. 137-139 => 137-9)
  • added support for year suffices (requires the BibWord Extender tool)
BibWord v.1.4
  • fixed a recursion error where variables got marked as being used while they were not
  • added 'r' parameter to all variables allowing variables being used multiple times within the same format
  • added day formatting options
  • added the possibility to use string laterals instead of variables (e.g.: %Author:2|"Anonymous"%)
  • changed name abbreviation to support the display and/or removal of dashes and spaces between name parts
  • added a possibility to display an error message when there is no formatting information for a source string
BibWord v.1.3
  • fixed the way the 'x' at the start and the end of a bibliography are hidden in case tables are used
BibWord v.1.2
  • added month formatting
BibWord v.1.1
  • added the BibOrder extension
BibWord v.1.0
  • initial release

BibWord Extender

BibWord Extender v.2.0 (16/03/2009)
  • runs on Mono
  • allows for selection of a different style directory than the default one
  • allows for creating backups of your file (just so you can always be on the safe side)
  • handles non-BibWord styles better
BibWord Extender v.1.2 (11/02/2009)
  • fixed encoding issue (this should hopefully also fix the \u2013 issues some people reported)
BibWord Extender v.1.1 (06/12/2008)
  • made stylesheet encoding independent
  • compiled targetting x86 so registry access on a 64 bit machine does not fail
BibWord Extender v.1.0 (16/11/2008)
  • initial release

BibOrder (deprecated)

BibOrder v.1.0 (5/9/2008)
  • initial release


BibType v.1.0 (4/8/2008)
  • initial release

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