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Harvard Leeds Reference Style

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Implementation of the Harvard reference style. As the Harvard reference style is only defined as an (author, date) reference style, its specification varies. This is an implementation for the specification at Leeds University.

COATES, M., A. HERO, R. NOWAK, and B. YU. 2002. Internet Tomography. IEEE Signal Process. Mag.

CULLITY, B. D. 1972. Introduction to Magnetic Materials. Reading: Addison-Wesley.

DAWSON, R. M. A., Z. SHEN, and D. A. FURST et al. 1998. Design of an Improved Pixel for a Polysilicon
Active-Matrix Organic LED Display. In: SID Tech. Dig., pp.11-14.

DELORME, F. and OTHERS. 1995. Butt-joined DBR Laser With 15 nm Tunability Grown in Three MOVPE
Steps. Electron. Lett. 31(15), pp.1244-1245.

FINN, S. G., M. MÉDARD, and R. A. BARRY. 1997. A Novel Approach to Automatic Protection Switching 
Using Trees. In: Proc. Int. Conf. Commun., 1997.

GUPTA, R. K. and S. D. SENTURIA. 1997. Pull-in Time Dynamics as a Measure of Absolute Pressure. 
In: Proc. IEEE International Workshop on Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS'97), 1997. Nagoya, 
Japan:, pp.290-294.


HarvardLeeds.xsl - the file can be found in the styles collection

Based On

Supported Types

The current version of the style supports the following types and subtypes.
  • Art
  • ArticleInAPeriodical
  • Book
    • ElectronicBook
  • BookSection
  • ConferenceProceedings
  • Case
  • DocumentFromInternetSite
  • ElectronicSource
  • Film
  • InternetSite
    • AnonymousInternetSite
    • Blog
  • Interview
  • JournalArticle
    • ElectronicJournalArticle
  • Misc
  • Patent
  • Performance
  • Report
    • Standard
    • Thesis
  • SoundRecording
Note: To use the subtypes (e.g. Thesis), enter the data using the base type (e.g. Report) and set the Type field of the source to the value of the subtype (e.g. Thesis).


As of the upgrade to BibWord v.1.5, year suffices are now supported. To use them, the BibWord Extender is required.

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