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Association for Computing Machinery Reference Style

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Implementation of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) reference style.

6   Candy, J. C. and Temes, G. C., eds. Oversampling Delta-Sigma Data Converters Theory, 
    Design and Simulation. IEEE Press., New York, 1992.
13  Hedelin, P., Knagenhjelm, P., and Skoglund, M. Theory for Transmission of Vector Quantization 
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14  Dawson, R. M. A., Shen, Z., and Furst, D. A. et al. Design of an Improved Pixel for a Polysilicon 
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ACM.xsl - the file can be found in the styles collection

Supported Types

The current version of the style supports the following types and subtypes.
  • ArticleInAPeriodical
  • Book
  • BookSection
  • ConferenceProceedings
  • JournalArticle
  • Misc
  • Report
    • Thesis
Note: To use the subtypes (e.g. Thesis), enter the data using the base type (e.g. Report) and set the Type field of the source to the value of the subtype (e.g. Thesis).


  • You can change the look of the numbers in the first column of the bibliography by changing the format element of the first column (column id="1"). Note that you have to do this for each type separately. Some examples are:
  <!-- Just a number (current implementation). Example: 1 -->
  <!-- Number between round brackets. Example: (1) -->
  <!-- Number between square brackets. Example: [1] -->

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