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Optional comma within the quotationmarks around title

Jan 10, 2010 at 12:03 PM

I've been creating an adaptation of Turabian with BibWord.

I know it is not supported, but I am satisfied and say, like so many have said: Thanks Yves, it works!

I encounter two limitations and seek advice:

1st: Turabian requires that the quotation style changes when a reference has already been quoted once. BibWord is not able to take this in account as it cannot be aware of how many occasions a reference is used in a text.

    I came up with the following work-around that I want to share. Maybe some one might profit from it. It does require some attention.

    I have created two BibWord templates; one for long style, another for short style. When my document is ready I apply both the styles and save two versions of the document, Then I use Word's Review capacities and combine the two versions of the document (Under Compare). This generates a new document in which the differences between the two documents are hightlighted, During a full review of the document one can either "Accept" or "Reject" the changes, thus either applying the long or the short style of Turabian.


2nd: Turabian defines a short reference to a book like Last_Name_Author, "ShortTitle," CitationPages.

    I haven't been successful in defining a format that handles that optional comma within the quotationmarks of the title well. I can make it appear when the CitationPages is given, simply by omitting it from the title and making it a part of {," %CitationPages%}. But how can I apply that second comma if CitationPages is not used?

    I fear it might not be possible after all...


Jan 10, 2010 at 5:01 PM

Regarding your first issue. I once created a style where I 'abused' the suppress flags to get a similar output. Then it would be up to the user to decide if a citation was cited before or not (I guess a macro could solve this) and to select the correct suppresion option. See

Regarding the second issue. You can make use of the fact that by default, BibWord displays each variable only once. So you could use something along:

{%Author:1%, }{"%ShortTitle%," %CitationPages%}{"%ShortTitle%"}

If both the ShortTitle and the CitationPages are available, the first part will be validated. Then the second ShortTitle will be ignored as it has been used before. If the CitationPages variable is empty, the first part will become empty and ShortTitle will remain marked as unused. The second part will then become valid.

Note that this only works if you don't or variables like %ShortTitle|Title%. Of course, if you assume the Author is available, you could include that one into the conditions so only one result gets printed.

Jan 10, 2010 at 8:13 PM