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text citation format

Nov 1, 2015 at 3:46 PM
hi guys, i wanna set for citation in text the feature et al. (in italics if possible) if there ismore than two authors
Ex : (Pavela S. et al. , 2010) for 3 or more authors
or (Pavela S. , Abott , 2010) for just two authors

i figured out this code :
<max_number_of_persons_to_display>2</max_number_of_persons_to_display> <number_of_persons_to_display_if_more_than_max>1</number_of_persons_to_display_if_more_than_max>
<overflow>, <i>et al.</i></overflow>

but i don't know where to put it.
Thank you for helping me out