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Vancouver Authors list and preview

Apr 17, 2014 at 5:59 PM
Vancouver is of great help, but I am going to expose a couple of issue.

1) Considering I copy and paste the list of authors throgh the "insert citation" button of word 2013 directly from pubmed, id:

Vecchio R, Marchese S, Ferla F, Spataro L, Intagliata E.

may I ask you to fix the script in order not to force me to add each author in the classic way;

Vecchio, R; Marchese, S; Ferla, F; Spataro, L; Intagliata, E. which is very frustrating.

2) I noticed there is something wrong with the "preview (vancouver)" in the "manage sources" of the references ribbon where it appears in a sort of "narrowed form".

Thank you again for considering possible solutions.
Kind regards.
Apr 18, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Your first point has nothing to do with BibWord. Word provides the parsing functionality to convert a 'contributor string' into a set of valid names. The same rule is used for all formatting styles.

Luckely, this functionality is also offered through an XSLT stylesheet. In the directory where the Word executable is found (commonly under '%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office XX' with XX being a number) there is a subdirectory bibliography. In it, you will find Author2XML.XSL. This file does all the author parsing for you, you will need to adapt it to fit your needs.

Make sure you make a backup before you alter the file.

Regarding your second point, can you provide a screenshot or more information as I don't understand what you mean by "narrowed form".
Apr 18, 2014 at 5:32 PM
Of course thanks again for the precious information you gave me.
Concerning the Author2xml file I took a look at it and, at glance, it seemed to be very difficult to me.
I understood what you mean but I remember in the previous version of Word, when I used Vancouver with Word 2010, in order to solve my little problem I adjusted the following script:
<source type="JournalArticle">
<column id="1">
<column id="2">
<format>{%Author:1%. }{%Title%. }{%JournalName%. }{%Year%{ %Month:s%{ %Day%}};}{%Volume%}{(%Issue%)}{:%Pages%.}{ %DOI%.}{ %Comments%.}</format>
simply I changed %Author:1% for %Author% without :1 and it worked greatly till I installed the new version: Word 2013;
It was immediate: I copied and pasted the list of Author and it appeared in the final reference as I had inserted it.
(as you see I made few other changes in that script to fit the final appearence of the reference)
Eventually, if there is nothing to do I will probably add something like: “standardnumber” in the place of Author where I will paste the list of Author so as to rapidly fit the result.
With regards to the narrowed form of the preview I attached a screenshot with an arrow to the problem. Sorry but as you see my version is in italian language.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes.