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IEEE style: in text citation does not include page numbers?

Jul 17, 2012 at 10:48 AM


I am relative new to the bibword world, so bear with me.

I have successfully installed the IEEE style (from the site, no modifications) in MS word 2007. It works fine except for the fact that when i reference something in my text i cant get the page number to show. 


This is a sensor network [1]. I want it to be 

This is a sensor network [1, pp. 23 ].

or whatever style fits the IEEE style. Basically i want the reference to show the pagenumber, but i does not. I have edited the reference (dropdown menu, "edit citation") as normal in word and inserted the page number, but it only shows [1]. If i change the style back to one of the built in word styles it show the reference and the page number.

How do i make it do this in the IEEE style? or is it just not possible?



Jul 17, 2012 at 11:49 AM

IEEE styles do not use page numbers. You can of course create a derived style which includes page numbers.

Assuming you are the reference order version, do a find/replace.




<format>{%RefOrder%{, %CitationPages:pp. :pp. %}}</format>

Now if you are citing pages specifically they will show up.

Don't forget to change the name of the style as you are no longer are using an IEEE style.

Jan 5, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Many thanks to you, Yves!

I spend lots of time trying to understand how to do this… because I didn’t know the name of the variable which keeps the citation page numbers... Well, this was exactly what I was looking for. I already used it, and it works. :)

However, now I have another problem, with word itself (I’m using Windows Word 2010).

Apparently it is using Heading 1 style for creating citations (I don't know why).

But this has two problems for me:

1. My H1 style is using Small Caps, so instead of the "pp." I'm getting "PP." which is against all rules, and I must change it... :(

2. I also can't change the colour of the linked citation to the same one I'm using everywhere (whenever it's a link). I managed to do that for the references list, by changing the CSS style, but it doesn't work for this.

Any help would be appreciated. :)


As for the fact that this is not compliant with the IEEE format, I’m afraid that is not correct.

You can check the IEEE Editorial Style Manual (, page 5) or the IEEE Citation Reference (, page 7) to see that both give these examples on the citation section:

[3, Th. 1]; [3, Lemma 2]; [3, pp. 5-10]; [3, eq. (2)]; [3, Fig. 1]; [3, Appendix I]; [3, Sec. 4.5]; [3, Ch. 2, pp. 5-10]; [3, Algorithm5].

So it’s clearly supported, although not much used by most authors, but that’s another matter. :)

Thanks and keep up the great work.