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Suppressing citation prefix and suffix

Nov 23, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Hi Yves

I have successfully modified one of the existing Harvard styles to comply with our university's referencing requirements. For most sources, the in-text citations are placed in round brackets, for example (Smith & Jones, 2010:14). However, when students refer to a court case, the in-text citation should not be in round brackets, for example: As was argued in Meyerowitz v CIR, 1963 (3) SA 863 (A) ...

I have managed to get the in-text citation correct by using the following specification:

{<i>{%Title%}</i>,} {%Year%} {({%Volume%})} SA {%CaseNumber%} {({%Court%})} {({%AbbreviatedCaseNumber%})}

But, the citation is automatically placed in round brackets although I left out the usual {%CitationPrefix%} and {%CitationSuffix%}.

The openbracket and closebracket fields are currently specified as ( and ) respectively, as this is required by the other source types.

Is there a way to avoid the use of the round brackets in citations for court cases only?

Kind regards


Nov 23, 2010 at 5:57 PM

What you should do is leave the elements openbracket and closebracket empty. This results in none of the entries having surrounding brackets. Then you can add brackets to the specific format strings which require them.