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IEEE Style: Automatically widen first column

Jul 22, 2010 at 4:32 PM

Thanks for creating the IEEE bib style.

I can't figure out how to augment the Style to widen the first column of the bib table. I know that I can resize that column manually after each update, but my authors don't realize that and they keep reporting this as a bug.

If I can change the source code so that it creates a wider first column, that would be great. Thanks.

Jul 25, 2010 at 4:33 PM

I tried this in the past by using a white-space nowrap setting, but Word ignores that when it imports HTML tables.

The only alternative is to hardcode the column width. But you only want to do that if you control all the parameters. For example, the width of the column is different if there are less than, more than 10 but less than 100, or more than 100 sources in your bibliography. Also, if you use a lettertype of 10, and someone else would use a lettertype of 14, the width of the column would need to be different.

If you really want to go the hardcoding way, look for the following line:

<td align="{$params/bibliography/source[@type = $type]/column[@id = $columnId]/halign}" valign="{$params/bibliography/source[@type = $type]/column[@id = $columnId]/valign}">

This sets the properties for the columns, what you can do is define an extra style element in the input and use that. Your input could then look like:

<column id="1">
 <column id="2">

And your code could be something like

<td align="{$params/bibliography/source[@type = $type]/column[@id = $columnId]/halign}" valign="{$params/bibliography/source[@type = $type]/column[@id = $columnId]/valign}" style="{$params/bibliography/source[@type = $type]/column[@id = $columnId]/style}">