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In-text citations problem


Excellent work. Unlike Microsoft's files, BibWord makes possible to create new styles or modify them according to the editors requirements, with minimum effort (and xslt knowledge). Being a professional author of scholarly texts, this is great and I recommend my students to use it for their papers.

I'd like to ask whether there is a way to have the authors' initials appear in the in-text citations, only for different authors with the same last name.

(Peterson K., 2008; Peterson R.A., 2002; Lewis, 1999; Rogers, 1965)

Two different Petersons, but only one Lewis and only one Rogers. Some styles, including APA, require that in this case the authors' initials should be mentioned too.

I guess that an additional option is needed for %First% and %Middle% in the <namelists> (<first_person> and <other_persons>) that would allow initials to appear for non-unique author names. An additional template, checking for non-unique author names is also needed. Unfortunately, my knowledge to create this option and the corresponding template, is insufficient.

Another option, I guess, would be to include this in a new BibWordExtender version, which anyway resolves the significant problems with the year extensions.

Thanks for any help