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Harvard Anglia Reference Style

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Implementation of the Harvard reference style. As the Harvard reference style is only defined as an (author, date) reference style, its specification varies. This is an implementation based on the guidelines of the Anglia Rushkin University.

Breckling, J. ed., 1989. The Analysis of Directional Time Series: Applications to Wind Speed and
Direction. Berlin: Springer.

Bul, B. K., 1964. In Theory Principles and Design of Magnetic Circuits. Moscow: Energia Press. p. 464.

Candy, J. C. & Temes, G. C. eds., 1992. Oversampling Delta-Sigma Data Converters Theory, Design
and Simulation. New York: IEEE Press.

Cullity, B. D., 1972. Introduction to Magnetic Materials. Reading: Addison-Wesley.

Dawson, R. M. A. et al., 1998. Design of an Improved Pixel for a Polysilicon Active-Matrix Organic
LED Display. In SID Tech. Dig. p. 11-14.


HarvardAnglia.xsl - the file can be found in the styles collection

Based On

Supported Types

The current version of the style supports the following types and subtypes.
  • Book
  • BookSection
  • ConferenceProceedings
  • Film
  • InternetSite
  • JournalArticle
  • Report


Currently, there is no support for year suffixes in case the same author published multiple works in the same year.

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