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Prevent automatic 'free space' after %Author%

May 13, 2017 at 2:09 PM
Hello everyone,
I am creating my bibliography and stumbling over something weird:
When I add the %Author% variable to my <format> section and want to put some character directly behind it, let's say a colon ( : ), then there is still a single 'free space' in between (see yellow mark):
Notice(!): When I add an entry of the same source type (book) with company information instead of author information, it does not show this extra 'free space' (see the second entry in the image above).

Here's my respective XSL-Code:
  • <bibliography>-Section:
  • <namelist>-Section:
Anyone with a solution to prevent that 'free space' in between?
Thanks a million in advance!

Kind regards,