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Jan 20, 2016 at 6:24 AM
Hey guys. So I am doing my thesis and I believe I prefer something close to the Harvard System. I am doing it in Spanish if that helps any. I wonder if there is a system for Word 2013 that looks like this:

LAST NAMES, First Names (Year). The Book Title in Cursive. City Published In: Publisher.

[*] If the book title has subtitles, it just goes on after the first period (.) and still in cursive.

[*] In this case, I have found APA to be exactly on point.

2.References (which I move to the bottom of the page):

LAST NAMES First Names, Title of the Book: Subtitle, 2ºed., Ed. Franklin, City of Publisher, Year, p. 000

[*] The rules let me write the title in Regular, Bold, Cursive or Cursive and Quotation Marks if I choose.

[*] ed. = Edition number. First Edition, Second...

[*] Ed. = Publisher. Can include Ed. (as in Editor) or leave it out.

[*] Year = Year it was published. I can include the word itself in front (e.g. 2009 or Year 2009)

[*] p. 000 = Page number, which can be p. 000, pag. 000 or pg. 000, and can include a whole range (like 000 - 001).

After the first citation of a source I am also supposed to use "op. cit." "ibid." and the like. However I've been reading on this and it seems it's not available as no one has decided to code all that in, so I could just do this last part manually if there's really no other way.