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Problems with

Jan 28, 2013 at 5:27 PM

Aim: I want the "Year" to appear twice: after the author names with the associated suffix (just for reference proposes), and after the journal name/vol/no/iss/pages without the suffix. (My bibliographic style is derived from the Harvard-Anglia style.)

To accomplish this, I have declared the year to be repeatable (:r option).


Here is my definition for journal articles:

            <source type="JournalArticle">
                <column id="1">
                        { (%Year:r|"n.d."%{%YearSuffix%}),}
                        { "%Title%".}
                        { <i>%JournalName%</i>,}
                        { vol. %Volume%{, no. %NumberVolumes%}{, iss. %Issue%}{, %Pages:p. :pp. : a2%},}
                        { no. %NumberVolumes%{, iss. %Issue%}{, %Pages:p. :pp. : a2%},}
                        { iss. %Issue%{, %Pages:p. :pp. : a2%},}
                        { %Year%.}
                        { %StandardNumber%.}
                        { (Available at <u>%URL:l%</u>{, %Comments%.})}
                        { (%Comments%.)}


Here is the corresponding extensions definition:

            <source type="JournalArticle">


Here are three output examples (all of them declared as "JournalArticle"):

Bohr N. (1913a), "I. On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules". Philosophical Magazine Series 6, vol. 26, iss. 151, pp. 1-25,

Bohr N. (1913b), "XXXVII. On the constitution of atoms and molecules". Philosophical Magazine Series 6, vol. 26, Iss. 153, pp. 476-502, DOI: 10.1080/14786441308634993.

Brown B. A. (2000), "Neutron Radii in Nuclei and the Neutron Equation of State". Physical Review Letters, vol. 85, iss. 25, pp. 5296-99, 2000. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.85.5296.


The problem: In the third entry, which does not have the year suffix, the year is correctly repeated, but in the first and second entries the year is not repeated.

My guesses: some how, once the suffix is applied the "Year" variable 1) can no longer be repeated, or 2) is no longer valid, and probably is stored under a different name (but this does not make much sense to me, since it is used in its first occurrence).

My questions: Am I doing something wrong? If so, where? If not, how can I accomplish the goal of repeating the year?