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APA subsequent in-text citations wrong

Nov 24, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

I'm writing a paper in APA (6th ed) and actually the referencing works really well. There are just two details that are wrong and I can't fix them any other than doing it manually at the end. It's all about subsequent in-text citations in two cases:

1. APA requires you to write out the names of all authors in a source written by three to five authors. However, the second time you cite this source, you only use the first author and "et al".

2. For corporate authors with long, well-known titles you're only required to cite the full title the first time, the second time the short title is enough.

Is there any way to fix this with coding or something like this? Or has someone created a perfect APA referencing code?

Thank you,