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artefacts below bibliography

Aug 23, 2010 at 2:01 PM


at first I'd like to thank you for the great work, but unfortunately I have a problem with some styles. I think the problem occures if there is a bibliography style with more the one column (like the IEEE-style) and a heading is following with the option "page break before" is checked.

What happens is that the next page is normal and the heading starts at the beginning of the next page, but there is a additional appearence of the heading right below the bibliography, which can't get marked or deleted. If I change the bibliography to static text or change the bibliography style to a one-column-style these artefacts disappear.

Could you tell me, how to get rid of the artefacts with a two-column-style or how to get a bibliography with 1 column which looks like this:

[1]         Last Name, First Name, Title etc.
             over more than one line

[2]         Last Name, First Name, Title etc.
             over more than one line

Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english



Aug 28, 2010 at 9:57 AM

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem, so I can't suggest a fix. Is the header there if you try to print it? It might be a 'ghost' you are seeing as you say you can't select it or delete it.

The styles use HTML and CSS to create the output which is then converted to WordProcessingML by Word. The layout you want can only be achieved in two ways when using HTML: either by using a table with 2 columns or by using divs which are positioned next to each other. Of those two solutions, only a table is feasible as it can adjust the width of an entire column as needed. If you would use divs, you would have to hardcode widths depending on the size of the font you are using and the number of sources you have in your bibliography ([1] requires less space than [1000] so the entire alignment would have to shift).

With divs, your layout for 1 entry would be something like:

<div class='source' style='position:relative; clear:both;'>
  <div class='column1' style='position: relative; float: left; width: 10%;'><p>[1]</p></div>
  <div class='column2' style='position: relative; float: right; width: 89%;'><p>Lastname, Firstname, ...</p></div>

The classnames source, column1, and column2 are only for illustration purposes here.

I currently have no intention of implementing the above scheme myself, but if you want to give it a try, the easiest is probably to overwrite the following template functions in the xslt:

  • format-bibliography-as-table: you could get rid of the table element. The tr elements should be replaced by the div of class source in the above example;
  • format-bibliography-table-column: here the td elements should be replaced by the inner divs from the above example. Their style attribute would need adjustment based on the column you are displaying.